Contract Dredgers

Genflo uses innovative technologically and the proprietary Genflo Dredging Equipment to build a unique solution for the client’s application, to remove the unwanted sediments from these water bodies and recover/rehabilitate them. 

We make use of a variety of specialised dredging attachments that allow us to dredge the most complicated sediments. We have dredged down to -17m below water level and have the ability to dredge down to -25m should the application arise.

Our services include:

  • Sediment Dewatering
  • Silt Trap Cleaning
  • Dam Rehabilitation
  • Marshland Rehabilitation
  • Slurry Dam Cleaning and Recovery
  • Lined Dam Silt Removal
  • Pollution Control Dam Recovery and Rehabilitation
  • Environmental Dam Clean-Ups
  • Harbour and Waterway Dredging
  • Dam Capacity Enlargement
  • Tailings Re-Mining
  • Sand Mining
  • Sump Cleanout
  • Oil Sediment Decontamination
  • Weed and Reed Removal
  • Geobag Filling
  • Etc…

For more information about our dredging service in South Africa and various African countries, please feel free to contact us! Email us at or call us on +27 11 884 3226.

Dredging is a process that Genflo specialises on. It involves the removal of silt, mud, sludge, sediment, debris and other material from bodies of water such as lakes, dams, rivers, estuaries, ponds and harbours.

The buildup of sediment is caused by loose silt, sand or sediments washing down channels and/or rivers and other water sources that gradually fill up these bodies of water.

By making use of dredging a service, the unwanted material is removed from the bottom of the relevant body of water and disposed of as per the client’s request.

The various different discharge facility options include, but are not limited to us pumping into; coffer dams, adjacent dams, slimes dams, filling up borrow pits, Geobags, Geodams, e.t.c.

Silt RemovalOne of our smallest dredgers. This dredge has been designed for shallow dams ranging from 1 to 3 meters. Suitable for plastic-lined dams and small operations or where a restricted discharge is required.

Sludge Pumping A versatile dredge with varying dredge depths from 1 to 9 meters. Easy transport for a dredge with such capacity.

Slurry PumpingGenflo dredge with booster pontoon gives this dredge the capability of dredging down to 7m and discharging at over a km.

Slurry PumpingDredging depth of -5 meters for heavy materials ie: mill scale. Exceptional pumping capabilities for heavy materials. This dredge can be operated unmanned.

Dredging ServiceGenflo dredge with water disintegration assistance and booster pontoon gives this dredge the capability of dredging down to 12m and discharging at over a kilometre.

Contract DredgingCutter suction dredge with booster pontoon gives this dredge the capability of dredging down to 17m and discharging at over 2kms. Picture was taken at Collywobbles Dam, Eastern Cape.

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