Genflo is a South African based company that delivers a vast array of pumping applications. Led by a dynamic and innovative management team, we strive to exceed client expectations.

Genflo holds the sole license in Africa to design and build Genflo Pumping systems since 1993. The overall license for Genflo Pumping systems is held by a British company that has been involved in the development and optimisation of this technology since 1971. Genflo has designed and built various systems for pumping, dewateringdredging, scrubbing and vacuuming applications in numerous fields of industry since the company’s inception. Between all the Genflo licensees worldwide, there is a vast pool of technology and expertise which each license holder has access to.

Genflo Africa’s head office is in Gauteng with branches in Welkom, Durban and Cape Town.

We believe in designing and supplying of the best pumping system for every application, custom building to the project’s requirements, thus insuring customer satisfaction.