The concept of a Venturi Effect Jet Pump involves injecting pressurised fluid down the power fluid flow path. Once the pressurised fluid reaches the Jet Pump, the flow path area is decreased through a nozzle, and this increases the velocity of the fluid creating a Venturi Effect.

The pressure created from the Venturi Effect draws reservoir fluid into the Jet Pump. The power fluid and reservoir fluids mix and the pressure increases as the velocity drops through the flow path of the larger area. The pressure increase is sufficient to lift the fluids to surface.

Jet Pump Supplier

GenFlo supplies a wide range of trusted mining-related Venturi Jet Pumps and Accessories that are designed to suit various applications.

Areas of application for our Jet Pump range include but not limited to:

  • General Gravel Dredging Operations

  • Diamond Transportation

  • Heavy Minerals Sand Mining

  • Slurry Fluidisation

  • River Bed and Beach Diamond Dredging

  • Gravel Jetting

  • Slimes and Stockpile Reclamation

  • Gravel and Slurry Mixing

  • Carbon Transportation

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