Dry Mining & Dewatering

Genflo offers a wide range of dry mining pumps and dewatering services.

Dry Mining Equipment

We offer a wide range of Dry Mining pumps and equipment to the mining and other industries. 

Our dry mining pumps can be suspended off cranes or excavators as well as being fed by conveyor belts and front-end loaders.


De¬≠watering is the method to capture un-wanted materials including dredge material, sludge, and silt, while reducing the loss of water. Our dewatering systems work in conjunction with our pumping systems and products.

For more information about our dry mining & dewatering services and dewatering pumps, please feel free to contact us! Email us at info@genflo.co.za or call us on +27 11 884 3226.

Dewatering Service

 A front-end-loader fed hopper body jet pump, pumping and washing river sand for the building industry.

Dewatering PumpsA sandbug system suspended utilising crane and boom for the recovery of heavy minerals of sand dunes.


Filter PressA filter press operating underground in a mine.



Cyclone System - Mining

Cyclone being fed by dry-mine hopper-body jet pump and discharging onto dewatering screen.

Stacker Conveyor

Dewatering Bag30m Geobag being filled by a Genflo dredger.

Dewatering Rehabilitaion